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White ants

If you suspect you have white ants in or around your property book an inspection and treatment plan today. We use the very latest thermal imaging cameras and products to ensure our white ant control is effective on both residential and commercial properties.



Rat control can be difficult but it can be achieved by employing the use of traps, poison, electronic devices, among other such prevention strategies. You can also use a combination of the aforementioned control methods to deal with the infestation. The traps need to be properly placed along the walls and the pipes



Cockroaches are very good at hiding. You can get rid of roaches by denying them food and water, using poisoned cockroach baits, using pesticides and many other techniques. Our cockroach control experts will know exactly what to do to eliminate the cockroaches in your home or building.



Sometimes you may need professional flea control help if there is a large infestation. As a prevention strategy, always dust, sweep, mop and vacuum all surfaces where your pets spend their time often



One of the most effective treatments for spider control is by using insecticides. If a spider comes into contact with a pesticide powder within 6 months it is still effective. Sprays and natural repellents, like eucalyptus leaves, vinegar and alcohol can also be used.



There are many ways that you implement effective mice control. Traps and poison baits are commonly used to eliminate mice. A pest control professional will be able to administer the best mice elimination techniques.

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